Turihaua Sir Crumble E222

Jointly owned with Alpine Angus. The first of his progeny is going to Matawhero sale this year. He has breed extremely well, stamping consistency of type with strong heads, deep bodies and outstanding muscle scanning qualities.

Kenhardt Jackpot 315

This is an exciting young sire that we look forward to extensive use in herd. He is impressive on the eye, in particular, an outstanding well defined muscle pattern. We look forward to his contribution of rawness of muscle to the herd; coupled with a moderate frame, proven pedigree and outstanding longevity.

MF Chisum 1757

An exciting young sire with emaculate feet, phenotype and scope. His impressive data set complements his eye appeal completing the package. Bred by Enterprise M966, a very good dam and has proven herself with great longevity. 


Matauri Outlier H412 

Purchased this year for his performance on paper, that combines with outstanding structural integrity and conformation.

Very soft, easy fleshing bull, that has great length and disposition. 

We are looking forward to his progeny.

Ranui W 13377

Purchased from 2015 National Beef Expo, for his appealing profile bringing depth and bone to the bull battery. He also brings performance with strength in EMA and moderate mature weight.

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