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Our females

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Z950 of Kenhardt -

An impressive cow to look at but produces even more impressive progeny. Structural soundness, head, jaw, bone, volume and easy doing nature sees this cow rearing exceptional calves year in and year out, regardless of the season. 

Z950 of Kenhardt

W530 of Kenhardt -

A Pure New Zealand Dam she continues to breed prolifically well. Her constitution and reproductive performance is impecable (9/9). 

C1294 of Kenhardt -

This young cow has proven herself twice over in her short reproductive history so far. Her first calf, a bull, was entered into the bull evaluation unit, the full brother the following year created alot of interest when sold and her first female calf was purchased by Waiterenui Angus at the World Forum Heifer auction.

C1294 of Kenhardt

L320 of Kenhardt -

Persistent breeder. This Dam has been noted for her ability to rear impressive off-spring which thereafter continue to excell in their contemporary groups and become breeders themselves.

Waihohonu 725-

Dam of 8 registered stud bulls with more to come through embryo implants. This female has bred consistently well and has daughters in use in the current herd.

L320 of Kenhardt

X733 of Kenhardt -

Sired by Matauri 526 this cow is a complete unit. Dam of Achiever A320 of Kenhardt who has breed exceptionally well at Fossil Creek and Meadowslea Angus. She has since been flushed to Stern Exact 185, S Chisum 6175 and Pack Power Scotch Cap 889.

X733 of Kenhardt

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